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WELCOME Gossip Girl fans! Love the Gossip Girl series by Cecily von Ziegesar? Then come join us and be a part of the gossip! Chat about the books, post your fanfiction, art, graphics, fan mixes and read all about what S, B, N and all the others are up to. Come meet other Gossip Girl fans here and check for the newest updates on the books.

You know you love me.


1. Only community members are allowed to advertise other related communities.
2. Ads with a banners over 400x400 must be under an LJ-cut or risk instant deletion!
3. Be respecful of other Gossip Girl fans and their opinions.
4. Keeping strong profanity to a minimum or better yet don't use them.
5. Icon posts are allowed but to members only. Non-member (join and run) icon posts will be deleted immediately.
6. Be mindful of spoilers. Please put potential spoilers under a LJ-cut with a warning.
7. All icon posts must only contain Gossip Girl related icons.

Discussions about the TV series is fine as long as it's not too off topic. Posts relating to Cecily von Ziegesar's spin off series, the IT girl is also ok.

(Book 1) Gossip Girl - April 2002 [Discussion post]
(Book 2) You Know You Love Me - Sept. 2002
(Book 3) All I Want Is Everything - May 2003
(Book 4) Because I'm Worth It - Oct. 2003
(Book 5) I Like It Like That - May 2004
(Book 6) You're the One That I Want - October 2004
(Book 7) Nobody Does It Better - May 2005
(Book 8) Nothing Can Keep Us Together - September 2005
(Book 9) Only In Your Dreams - May 10, 2006
(Book 10) Would I Lie to You - October 6, 2006
(Book 11) Don't You Forget About Me - May 1, 2007
(Prequel) It Had to Be You - October 2, 2007
(Book 12) I Will Always Love You - November 3, 2009

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